iDevice Manager version history:

23.02.2023 Version

  • Fixed reading of backups, if custom backup path is already set, but later reset to automatic backup
  • Fixed bug “BackupNoExists, No backup for device” on creating backup
  • Fixed selection of files to upload on iPhone is source directory name contains a dot

08.02.2023 Version

  • Able to connect devices via WiFi (needs activation of WiFi sync in iTunes)
  • Switch between multiple connected devices
  • Sync photos via WiFi connected iPhone and iPads to Computer
  • Transfer of contacts from *.csv files (Outlook export csv format, German and English Outlook only)
  • Upload of complete directories with images, videos and contact files (*.vcf files)
  • Drag ‘n Drop of one or more folders to upload to iPhone or iPad
  • Faster displaying of image previews on Upload view
  • Fixed dead lock on reading photos from iPhone and iPad

01.01.2023 Version

  • Fixed HEIC image converter error “permission denied” on Windows 11 PCs

05.12.2022 Version

  • Updated installation routine for new backup functionality

03.12.2022 Version

  • New function to create iPhone, incremental or full versioned backups
  • New function to restore backups from iTunes, iDevice Manager or other iTunes compatible iPhone backups

03.11.2022 Version

  • New folder browse dialog with network drive and UNC path support

02.09.2022 Version

  • iOS 16 support
  • Support of photo transfer in many album folders, if photo in more than one album

06.04.2022 Version

  • Support displaying of photos, when no “Displayed By” feature exists in photo database

02.04.2022 Version

  • Added functionality to repair broken connection to iPhone and iPad

24.03.2022 Version

  • Protection from duplicate ringtones when edited

21.01.2022 Version

  • Recognize RAW/DNG/TIF photo format files regardless of capture source
  • Optional transfer of Raw photos (DNG, TIF and RAW format)
  • Filter for capture sources (App name)
  • Show Windows Toast message, when update is available
  • Broken link to website and help on information page has been fixed

15.01.2022 Version

  • Detecting of Raw format photos from any camera source
  • Tested with ProCam 8, ACDSee Pro
  • Optional transfer of Raw photos (DNG, TIF and RAW format)
  • Filter for Raw-Photos
  • Filter for 4K-Videos
  • Mark Raw-Photos with icon
  • Mark Jpg-Photos with icon
  • Mark Png-Photos with icon
  • Mark HQ-Photos (*.HEIC) with icon

08.01.2022 Version

  • Detecting of Apple Live-Photos
  • Optional transfer of Apple Live-Photos videos
  • Filter for Live-Photos
  • Filter for photos that are not assigned to an album
  • Mark Live-Photos with icon
  • Mark 4K-Videos with icon

24.11.2021 Version

  • Windows compatibility mode for iPhone/iPad 4K videos
  • Transfer of photos and videos to OneDrive updated
  • Transfer of photos and videos to DropBox updated
  • Transfer of photos and videos to local Computer updated

10.11.2021 Version

  • Update of file download from iPhone
  • Support of Apple Mobile Device Support

01.11.2021 Version

  • Show detected iPhone version
  • Tooltip for left menu, if menu is collapsed
  • New icon for file transfer to iPhone

08.10.2021 Version

  • Fixed endless photo loading when photo file size is a negative number
  • Added optional transfer of photos in same album name as on iPhone

19.09.2021 Version

  • iOS15 support
  • Fixed not showing file open dialog when last path isn’t available

24.06.2021 Version

  • iOS15 Beta ready
  • Transfer Google contacts to iPhone and iPad

04.06.2021 Version

  • Transfer of Windows contacts to iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer of Microsoft Outlook contacts to iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer of Microsoft Office 365 contacts to iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer of vCard contact files to iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer all contact types to OneDrive
  • Transfer all contact types to Dropbox
  • Transfer all contact types to local Computer
  • Optimized view for WiFi connection between iDevice Manager and iManager App
  • New menu item View in Photos page
  • Program settings now selectable without USB cable connection
  • Fixed on creating custom ringtones
  • Internal updates
  • Support of Windows crash recovery service

13.03.2021 Version

  • Transfer of voice memos with memo title as file name
  • Internal updates
  • Solved WiFi connectivity problems between iDevice Manager and iManager App with physical Ethernet adapter filter

20.11.2020 Version

  • Add tones to your iPhone
  • Cut MP3 or M4A audio files to ring tones
  • Transfer tones from iPhone to your computer or OneDrive or DropBox

13.10.2020 Version

  • iManager App: Updated for iOS14 devices
  • iManager App: Show contact images in iManager App history, if contact has an image
  • iManager App: Show video preview image in iManager App history
  • iManager App: Bug fixes
  • Show rest of runtime during long running processes like transfer to computer also hours if needed
  • Load faster image previews in upload view
  • Load faster HEIC images in HEIC converter view
  • Better memory management when uploading thousands of photos to iPhone
  • Reduced memory usage in HEIC converter
  • Show contact images also in upload view
  • Upload photos and videos from computer to iPhone into an existing photo album in iPhone photo gallery
  • Create new photo album on iPhone and upload photos and videos into it
  • Support of reading of ANSI, UTF8 and Unicode formatted vcd files (vCard = Contacts) = Umlaut support
  • Bug fixes

15.09.2020 Version

  • Download photos with date formatted file name, in 24 hours and 12 hours format based on Windows culture settings

09.09.2020 Version

  • iOS 14 support

25.08.2020 Version

  • Images couldn't download twice

24.08.2020 Version

  • Mark uncopied images with a star
  • Added filter to show uncopied images only
  • Added splash screen
  • Logic to retry loading files from device, if something went wrong
  • Fixed missing sub directories in File Explorer view
  • Fixed not started image transfer to OneDrive
  • Fixed not started image transfer to Dropbox
  • Fixed doubled image count, during loading changed images from iPhone
  • Fixed filter “Show Deleted photos only”

24.07.2020 Version

  • Reduced 70% of RAM when loading photos and videos
  • Added launcher to start iDevice Manager when iPhone was connected to computer
  • Added monitor App to inform for new software updates

18.07.2020 Version

  • Display iPhone and iPad recordings
  • Transfer recordings to local computer, Dropbox and OneDrive
  • Convert iPhone recordings as MP3 if wanted
  • Sorting of files in File Explorer repaired

10.07.2020 Version

  • Display information after photos download if some photos are no longer on device
  • Download of photos saved for crashes

15.06.2020 Version

  • Better performance during reading photos and videos from iPhone
  • Option to change photo and video file names for transfer to computer
  • Option to save photos and videos categorized by create date e.g. folder name 2020-06[file name]
  • Save the download settings for reuse
  • Upload speed to OneDrive optimized
  • Upload speed to Dropbox optimized
  • Higher download speed of photos and videos to local computer

27.05.2020 Version

  • Fix: No photos visible

20.05.2020 Version

  • Fix: No photos visible, if device name contains an apostrophe or another special character
  • Fix: No files in File Explorer visible, if device name contains an apostrophe or another special character

12.05.2020 Version

  • Fix: No file selection in HEIC/HEIF converter possible

05.05.2020 Version

  • Display shared photos too
  • Deleted photos are hidden by default
  • Extended photo filter with album name, photo/video type, file size and deleted photos
  • Added automatic retry option when connecting failed
  • Reduced photo loading speed to prevent crashes
  • Fluent progress while loading photos
  • Show dialog to unlock device, if currently locked or need interaction

02.04.2020 Version

  • Added photo create date filter in photos view
  • Synchronize creation date of HEIF and JPG file after converting

28.03.2020 Version

  • Optimized thumbnail creation to speed-up
  • Fixed reactivation of Pro license after program update
  • Fixed invisible button text in message boxes

27.03.2020 Version

  • Fixed fatal application crash during photo loading on some devices

18.03.2020 Version

  • Added about program information

13.03.2020 Version

  • Brand new iDevice Manager with new GUI
  • Modern dark theme user interface
  • Connectivity between iPhone and iDevice Manager stable
  • Copying of Photos and Videos to Computer
  • Copying of Photos and Videos to Dropbox
  • Copying of Photos and Videos to OneDrive
  • Copying of Images and Videos from computer to iPhone
  • Transfer of Contact vCard file from computer to iPhone
  • Convert High Efficiency Image Format to JPG

02.10.2019 Version

  • iOS13.1 supported
  • iPhone 11 supported
  • iPhone 11 Pro supported
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max supported

31.08.2019 Version

  • iOS13.1 Beta supported

29.05.2019 Version

  • Correct transferring of contacts to iManager App with Umlauts

28.05.2019 Version

  • Set phone type like Mobile, Home, Work on importing vCard files

29.01.2019 Version

  • Sort iMessages and SMS explicit by date

15.01.2019 Version

  • Fixed error on installing update

15.01.2019 Version

  • Fixed hanging program on closing App, if no device connected

03.01.2019 Version

  • Photo Preview updated with bug fixes
  • Internal reengineering of iPhone connecting software

26.10.2018 Version

  • Display High Efficiency Image HEIF and HEIC files in photo Preview and Details View
  • Display High Efficiency Video HEVC files in photo Preview and Details View
  • Display thumbnail of MP4 and MOV files in photo Preview and Details View
  • Faster displaying of images in lower resolution (optional)
  • Added tool to convert High Efficiency Image files to JPG
  • Added option to convert High Efficiency Images on downloading to JPG files
  • Fixed resize function of window
  • Better connectivity with iManager App
  • Default windows size of 1024x760 pixel
  • Support of iPhone XS and later backup format

12.10.2018 Version

  • Read and display iPhone/iPad notes changed
  • Displaying of embedded images and other attachments in notes are on iOS12 devices not possible yet, just in iOS11
  • Connectivity with iManager App optimized and bugs fixed
  • Support of iOS 12.1
  • Remove files from File Transfer View, which are successful transferred to iManager

04.10.2018 Version

  • Connecting problems with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max solved

18.09.2018 Version

  • Fixed wrong image preview in external program

12.09.2018 Version

  • Support of iOS 12
  • Sorting of Photo Album, Camera at first and then Album name by alphabet
  • Display “Deleted Images” in separate Album
  • Improve selecting of images to faster download
  • 138px preview image thumbnails instead smaller 96px
  • Create iPhone/iPad Album name on disk on downloading photos and download into it
  • Preview not deleted photos in Thumbnail and Gallery view only
  • New Gallery view to display image preview
  • Fixed wrong Notes tooltip description

20.07.2018 Version

  • Support of iOS 12 Beta 3
  • Fixed error after click on Video button
  • Fixed missing WhatsApp images and other attachments
  • Display iManager QR-Code on Start screen

23.06.2018 Version

  • New iManager App support
  • Transfer photos, videos and contacts to iManager App with WiFi connection
  • Transfer to iPhone and iPad in Giga speed up-to 1GB
  • No file size limitation of videos which will be transferred
  • General file upload view to transfer photos, videos and contacts together

16.06.2018 Version

  • Small internal updates
  • Support of iOS 11.4.1 Beta 2

13.01.2018 Version

  • Show images in preview view sorted by newest date
  • New license model “Lifetime” and a cheaper 1 year license

29.12.2017 Version

  • Show iDevice Manager comparison page later
  • Display note to update iDevice Manager also on compare versions page

11.11.2017 Version

  • Download thumbnail images, if images outsourced to iCloud or Apple Photo Stream
  • Support of iOS 11.2 beta 2
  • Upload of new image format HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) for iPhone 7 and later
  • Upload of new video format HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) for iPhone 7 and later

23.10.2017 Version

  • Fixed bug in WhatsApp message search
  • Updated WhatsApp message count
  • SMS and iMessage receive and sent date correction

08.10.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS11.1
  • Removed column “Modification Date” from notes view
  • Can display SMS and iMessages immediately after receiving or sending
  • Support folder names with umlaut in Storage and File Explorer

14.09.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

25.08.2017 Version

  • Display attached images and scribbles of Notes (Only if Note not stored in the iCloud)
  • Export of Notes also with attached images and scribbles

20.08.2017 Version

  • Support of new Notes data source
  • Hide notes from recycle bin
  • Fixed double names in WhatsApp view
  • Display received WhatsApp images
  • Display received WhatsApp videos
  • Display thumbs as preview of received WhatsApp videos
  • Resize of vertical images of WhatsApp messages
  • Optimized view of message speech bubbles in iMessage, SMS and WhatsApp view
  • Display all images of an iMessage

04.08.2017 Version

  • New column ‘Modified date’ in Notes view
  • New Notes default order by last modification date

03.08.2017 Version

  • Fixed: Error on reading file from program folder
  • Fixed: Images, contacts, calendars, etc. are not loaded after press F5 key

18.06.2017 Version

  • Update of Launcher application

01.06.2017 Version

  • Display alarm entries in calendar control
  • Support of new Apple components

24.05.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3.3 beta 1
  • Fixed several issues in photo preview
  • Display with iTunes synced images in photo preview
  • Fixed issue “Check firewall message” on Pro-Edition activation

03.05.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3.2 beta 4
  • Improve loading of of iMessages and SMS
  • Display count of WhatsApp group messages
  • Show photos in a preview view
  • Show photo size in pixels, instead of file size
  • Display photo tab in contacts also if iManager App is not installed
  • Bug: Not all WhatsApp messages could be downloaded
  • Display “HowTo” if device needs lockdown
  • Removed message “Needs update of backup”, do it in background
  • Erase of whole iPhone or iPad

21.03.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3 beta 7
  • Faster display of photos (e.g. 2589 photos in under 1 second, instead of 17 second)
  • Load SMS, WhatsApp messages, contacts, calendar and music faster

09.03.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3 beta 4
  • 10x faster display of photos (e.g. 1365 photos now in 2, instead of 19 seconds before)

14.02.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3 beta 3
  • Updated link to help file
  • Updated Urls to new website

09.02.2017 Version

  • Support of iOS10.3 beta
  • Upload by Drag ‘n Drop of images and photos from computer into Photo Area
  • Show user friendly message, if iPhone or iPad backup is encrypted
  • iDevice Manager Launcher update

11.12.2016 Version

  • Show message, if iOS iTunes backup is encrypted in Calendar and other modules

11.12.2016 Version

  • Support of iOS10.2 beta
  • Integrated new web services
  • Video upload file size limit changed from 18MB to 50MB (max. 1 minute upload time)
  • Photo upload file size limit changed also to 50MB (max. 1 minute upload time)
  • Better upload of photos, videos and address book contacts
  • Area Movies supports upload of videos by Drag ‘n Drop
  • Show record time on Recording view
  • Set recording time as file create time on downloading iPhone Recording

28.09.2016 Version

  • Support of iOS10.1 beta
  • Camera photos weren’t displayed with iOS10

26.09.2016 Version

  • Support of iOS10 public release
  • Fixed error on reading iPhone and iPad calendar database of iOS9.2 and later

10.09.2016 Version

  • Support of iOS10 (just Beta; official release is not published yet)

05.07.2016 Version

  • iDevice Manager works without iTunes
  • Small internal optimizations

23.03.2016 Version

  • Support iOS 9.3 features
  • Optimized checks for connect to the iDevices
  • Support of start of Apple Mobile Device Support on Windows 32Bit systems

06.01.2016 Version

  • Export of vCard format 3.0 file with encoding for Gmail, Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail

10.12.2015 Version

  • Support iOS 9.2 because update of the photo album database
  • Support of WhatsApp messages from iOS 7.x

07.11.2015 Version

  • New language polish – Many thanks to Grzegorz Kępiński
  • Set image capture date as file create date of downloaded images

17.09.2015 Version

  • Support iOS 9.0
  • Open photo, video, files from File Explorer, Storage and Backup if double click list item
  • Download progress for many photos, videos and files
  • Fixed bug on zoom photo

16.07.2015 Version

  • Support iOS 9.0 beta 3
  • Corrected sorting by date on area photos
  • Corrected sorting by file size
  • Added area to show recordings / voice memos
  • Removed area emails, because it requires a jailbreak
  • Extended iCalendar (.ics) file format with Microsoft specific formats for status
  • Handle special case for Microsoft Outlook with wrong time because daylight offset in iCalendar file

02.07.2015 Version

  • Support iOS 8.4
  • Fixed empty music and video view (because new media database schema in iOS 8.4)

30.06.2015 Version

  • App runs with simple user rights instead of administrator rights
  • Preparing for iOS9 (support of iOS9 is coming soon)

05.05.2015 Version

  • Fixed error on uploading photos and contacts to the device (message “The iManager App was never started”)

10.04.2015 Version

  • Support of iOS 8.3
  • Support displaying of photos on iOS 8.3 devices

25.02.2015 Version

  • Fixed missing connection between iDevice Manager and device on 32-Bit Windows systems
  • Connection tested on Windows 7 32-Bit, Windows 7 64-Bit and Windows 8.1 64-Bit

24.02.2015 Version

  • Support of new WhatsApp data structure

11.02.2015 Version

  • Fixed export of notes when not using Pro-Edition

05.02.2015 Version

  • Missing connection between iPhone/iPad and iDevice Manager, when iTunes 12.1 is installed

01.02.2015 Version

  • iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 support
  • Fixed connecting failed, when unknown device detected

23.01.2014 Version

  • Fixed crash because missing Windows “Performance Counter”

10.01.2014 Version

  • Fixed problems on license activation on Windows XP systems
  • iDevice Manager Launcher supports Windows UAC
  • Show named photo files also on iOS7 devices
  • Updates on downloading IDM updates
  • Fixed error on getting calendar items on iOS7 devices

10.12.2014 Version

  • Fixed preview of pictures and playing of music

06.12.2014 Version

  • Protection of connection on trying to download files which are no longer present on the device

01.12.2014 Version

  • Easier activation of Pro-Edition license
  • Function license transfer replaced with simple license key activation
  • License shop extracted from App to website for more transparency
  • Download of all SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, music, videos and calendar items with one button click
  • Fixed multithreading problem on getting data from iPhone/iPad
  • Correction of sort by rating of music and videos
  • Free-Edition can more SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, music and videos download now
  • Added voice memo support for iMessages and WhatsApp messages

01.11.2014 Version - Fixed error when close the app and no device is connected

20.10.2014 Version

  • Download of multiple contacts in one *.vCard file
  • Performance optimization on loading media files on iOS8 devices

10.10.2014 Version

  • Fixed small bugs on reading device backup
  • Limitation of free version (100 downloads in 7 days instead of 10)
  • Limitation of free version (10 downloads instead of 0)
  • Limitation of free version (50 uploads in 7 days instead of 5)
  • Limitation of free version (1 ringtone creating per day instead of 14 days)
  • Limitation of free version (other 100 instead of 10 per day)
  • Export of all contacts in vCard file

26.09.2014 Version

  • Creating device backup on first start
  • Fixed some bugs when App is started first time
  • iOS8 support for calendar

22.09.2014 Version

  • iOS 8 support
  • Automatic rotate image in picture preview
  • Several bug fixes

09.09.2014 Version

  • Bug fix hanging UI on deleting images and photos

06.08.2014 Version

  • Bug fix for broken connection to device

27.07.2014 Version

  • Upload of photos and videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch*
  • Add, edit and deleting of address book contacts to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch*
  • iDevice Manager Pro-Edition activation when iManager App is installed
  • The uploading of data to the device is only available, when the iManager App is already installed.

15.03.2014 Version

  • iOS 7.1 support
  • Request for connection when access to device was denied
  • Request for update of iTunes device lockdown
  • Display SMS and iMessages from number which are not in address book
  • Support of multiple accounts of the notes
  • Fixed wrong short message sending time because daylight saving time

29.01.2014 Version

  • Search for files in the device backup

02.01.2014 Version

  • Support of latest WhatsApp update

08.10.2013 Version

  • Added support of notes for iOS6 and iOS7
  • Export of notes in text format (*.txt) by download or drag ‘n drop
  • Bug fixes

27.09.2013 Version

  • Added support of calendar for iOS6 and iOS7
  • Show calendars, reminder, birthday calendar in a smart calendar control
  • Export of calendar items in iCalendar format (*.ics) by download or drag ‘n drop
  • Bug fixes
  • App needs only user rights instead of previous version with admin privileges
  • Show better cursor symbol on drag ‘n drop of photos
  • Launcher app reactivated

01.09.2013 Version

  • iOS7 support
  • Progress on loading and export of SMS and iMessages
  • Progress on loading and export of WhatsApp messages
  • Progress on loading contacts
  • Changed minimum window size to 1024x700 pixel for small displays
  • Area Movies displayed now also TVShow and MP4 video formats
  • Download of music and ringtones instead of original file name from device, now with song title and artist name
  • Show track number in Tooltip of music item, if track number is exists
  • Display warning message if device backup is encrypted and readable

01.09.2013 Version

  • Changed Url handling because new websites

03.08.2013 Version

  • Fixed other error on iDevice Manager Pro License-Transfer

01.08.2013 Version

  • Fixed error on iDevice Manager Pro License-Transfer

21.07.2013 Version

  • Sorting of WhatsApp, SMS and iMessages by date

19.07.2013 Version

  • Support of new WhatsApp update from 2013-07-16
  • Correcting of European day light saving time for date of WhatsApp and SMS messages
  • Small fixes for iDevice Manager Pro Edition

24.06.2013 Version

  • Added function to transfer license to another computer
  • Fixed: remove limitation after buying a license without restart
  • new email layout of buying confirmation
  • Send email to license owner after transfer license to new computer
  • Translated IDM Pro buying web pages into Spanish

23.05.2013 Version

  • Bug fix connection errors
  • Delete of contacts from device*
  • Add new contacts to device* by drag ‘n drop, vCard upload or manual
  • Fixes different bugs on creating vCard files from device contacts
  • = only with jailbreak

28.04.2013 Version

  • Deleting of files with character like äöü is now possible
  • fixed: Upload new image for a person, if image was updated
  • removed leading 0 if added an international phone code (Contacts)

17.04.2013 Version

  • Hotfix in upgrade modul

13.04.2013 Version

  • iTunes is no longer needed to use iDevice Manager
  • Faster creating of ringtones
  • If iTunes is installed, temporary files are no longer added to iTunes
  • Added WhatsApp support on jailbroken and non jailbroken devices
  • Upload music up to iOS4
  • iPad 4 support
  • Upload of images
  • Export of MMS images
  • Export of iMessage attachments
  • Display smilys in SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp messages
  • Synchronizing of music and video list updates
  • Fixed exception at deleting of files with mutated vowels like äöü
  • same optimizations in File Explorer and base implementations
  • added functions for iDevice Manager Professional Edition

07.01.2013 Version

  • Faster displays of directory in File Explorer
  • Fixed issue that’s the File Explorer displays only the root directory
  • Faster loading of photos
  • Display all the photos from the photo album and camera
  • Added UAC support in iDevice Manager Launcher

11.12.2012 Version

  • Added information about your device
  • Display and browse in the device backup files
  • Extracting of files from your device backup
  • Creating of a new device backup
  • Show all media tracks instead of a paged list with 100 items
  • Faster display of music and movies
  • Easier and faster search for music and movies
  • Show SMS and iMessages without jailbreak
  • Show and export of contacts without jailbreak
  • Show file type icons without black shadow for Windows 8

10.11.2012 Version

  • iOS 6 support for SMS, iMessages, Contacts and Emails
  • Displaying and download of SMS and iMessage attachments like vCards, images, text and otrher files
  • Loading SMS and iMessages faster
  • Export all selected SMS and iMessage in one CSV file
  • Added missing and translations changes for Bulgarian
  • Fixed erroneous contact after add or update of the contact image
  • correctly display non-English characters

22.09.2012 Version

  • iOS 6 support for functions which do not require a jailbreak

18.09.2012 Version

  • Fixed wrong file format at updating image of contact person
  • Changes of French translation

14.09.2012 Version

  • Added functions to display, edit and export of contacts
  • Export of contacts as business card file as *.vcf format
  • Drag of contacts to desktop or file system (by Drag ‘n Drop)
  • Set the default SMS tone and default ringtone
  • Create labels for specified phone numbers like the provider T-Mobile instead of simple Mobile or iPhone if the contact person has an iPhone
  • Assign a specified ringtone and SMS to a contact person
  • Better phone number detection for U.S. like 1-2345-6789012
  • Assign new created ringtones direct to a contact person (only if device support that)
  • Larger preview image in area “Photo”
  • Zoom and picture rotation of the new preview image
  • Now can use device specific alert sounds as ringtone or SMS tone for contact persons
  • Playing of music and ringtones by double click or as function in context menu
  • fixed instable program (crashed) at disconnect device from USB

10.07.2012 Version

  • Send to iTunes function added in context menu of ringtone list in area “Ringtones”
  • Show user friendly message, if the file which will be convert to ringtone is not accessible

17.06.2012 Version

  • Show also not in media database committed songs
  • Show also music and video with 0KB file size and mark it with gray text

27.05.2012 Version - new language - Bulgarian => many thanks to Daniel Vasilev (translation) and Tea Hristova (review) 04.04.2012 Version - Fixed possible error with message "Die Datei C:\Users....tmp.mp3 wurde nicht gefunden" on creating ringtones. - Migration to Microsoft .NET 4 - Drag 'n Drop of M4A, M4R and MP3 files into RingtoneMaker area

29.02.2012 Version

  • Playing or existing ringtones without annoying popup from Windows Media Player
  • iMessage support for iPod Touch 4 with iOS5
  • Support to create ringtones / signal tones for iPod Touch 4 with iOS5
  • Support of iMessages via email

10.02.2012 Version

  • fixed error on loading and creating of ringtones

02.02.2012 Version

  • new language
    • Russian => many thanks to AndrySS (translation) and W. Denzel (review)
  • Fixed malfunction at creating ringtone from iPhone media archive
  • Fixed Media Player area Music (can’t play music)
  • Added Facebook Fan page link
  • Show only once “Disconnection” warning message, instead of one message per opened area
  • Display real device name in status bar
  • Show info message in areas SMS, iMessage and Ringtones if device doesn’t support

24.01.2012 Version

  • Fixed missing ringtones in "Ringtone" area, because ringtones with larger than 2,147,483,647 milliseconds
  • Fixed error because missing ringtone album information

12.01.2012 Version

  • Fixed own ringtones size of 0kb and error when access to the file

06.01.2012 Version

  • Display and download of iMessage messages
  • Combine Group-SMS messages to the messages of known address book contacts
  • Fixed missing text messages from the program to maximize
  • Added better email content decoder

12.12.2011 Version

  • New application name iDevice Manager replaces the previous name iPhone Explorer

06.12.2011 Version

  • New solution because error message at connecting with device (iTunesMobileDevice.dll not found)

21.11.2011 Version

  • iOS5 support
  • better Html email text detection in “Messages” area
  • fixed bug in organization of custom favorites in “File Explorer” area
  • display gray music and movie items if file on device is erroneous or not exists
  • fixed bug in email search filter

11.10.2011 Version

  • fixed wrong track length detection part 2

06.10.2011 Version

  • fixed wrong track length calculation on Ringtone Maker module

18.09.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Mexican Spanish => many thanks to Augusto Pérez Torres

25.08.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Serbian => many thanks to Aleksandar Aca Aleksić

11.07.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Simplified Chinese => many thanks to Yu Luo
    • Traditional Chinese => automatic translation of Yu Luo source

16.06.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Romanian => many thanks to Flavius CRISTE

14.06.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Italian => many thanks to Ruben FUSER
  • optimized presentation of MailAll folder of Googlemail accounts
  • automatic reconnection to device after access to locked mail accounts
  • clean-up of temporary files

03.06.2011 Version

  • bug fixes on export SMS messages
  • changes in Turkish translation
  • performance improvements for download of more than one music and video files
  • create human spoken file names on downloading of more than one music and video files
  • new BitRate detection of MP3 and M4A files because inaccurate ringtone cutting problems
  • fixed play from start after click on pause (Media Player)
  • support of more than one Exchange email account
  • support of Google mail accounts created as exchange account on device

21.05.2011 Version

  • fixed not be selected pictures

20.05.2011 Version

  • new language
    • Turkish => many thanks to Ahmet Kücük
  • grouping of MMS messages to sender contact (on view "iPhone like")
  • paging of music and video list items for more performance
  • faster search for music tracks and videos
  • faster sorting of music tracks and videos
  • down- and upload visualization and performance optimizations
  • lesser memory using with devices with many audio tracks
  • fixed wrong filtered tracks with genre filter

30.04.2011 Version

  • visualization of downloads and uploads progress bar optimized

28.04.2011 Version

  • new language
    • French => many thanks to John Peters
  • software update direct from application
  • own favorites support in module File Explorer
  • fixed start bug of iPhone Explorer Launcher

19.04.2011 Version

  • fixed bug on uploading files
  • contact name detection on SMS module optimized

16.04.2011 Version

  • new languages
    • Brazilian-Portuguese => many thanks to José Fascini Filho
    • English => many thanks to John Peters
  • Send To context menu items in modules Music, Ringtone, Picture, Storage and File Explorer
  • Cleaned wrong media type names in music search
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox support in area Messages
  • Download and upload progress
  • small bug fixes

27.02.2011 Version

  • Handling for blocked access to Apple Mobile Device Service by Windows or three-party Firewalls

26.02.2011 Version

  • new English translation
  • No access handling on emails because already running Email app on device
  • Picture / Photo upload disabled on firmware 4 devices
  • Check for running Apple Mobile Device Service
  • Fixed invalid characters in email messages because different text encodings between Device and Windows

13.01.2011 Version

  • Fixed bug which was cause for error message on click music, etc.

11.01.2011 Version 0.9.17

  • iOS Firmware 4.2.1 support
  • Bug fix on creating ringtone from a not cutted song
  • New smaller and faster logic to detect Apple Mobile Device Support component
  • Many ringtone creation optimizations

17.12.2010 Version 0.9.16

  • Support of multiple SMS member group entries on getting SMS messages

08.12.2010 Version 0.9.15

  • Read and write of ID3v2 tags from MP3 files to convert as iPhone ringtone renewed
  • XSOP and XDOR experimental ID3 tags of musicbrainz support
  • New application and toolbar icons

27.11.2010 Version 0.9.14

  • Media Player zum Abspielen von Klingeltönen integriert
  • Upload-Dialog für Fotos lässt nur korrekte Dateitypen zu
  • Unterschiedliche Anzahl von eigenen Klingeltönen zwischen Bereich Musik und Klingeltönen behoben
  • Neue eigene Klingeltöne werden nun im iTunes üblichen Namenkonvension erstellt z.B. DFPT.m4r statt [Titelname].m4r

24.11.2010 Version 0.9.12

  • Bug bei Darstellung der englischen Spracheinstellung nach Anwendungsneustart gefixt
  • Eingabe von Millisekunden beim Schneiden von Klingeltönen
  • Dateityp Filter für das Hochladen von Fotos integriert

22.10.2010 Version 0.9.11

  • Verbesserte iTunes und Apple Mobile Device Support Erkennung integriert

04.09.2010 Version 0.9.10

  • iTunes 10 Unterstützung integriert

25.08.2010 Version

  • Bug fix beim Erstellen von Klingeltönen aus großen MP3 Dateien mit IDv2 Tag

17.08.2010 Version

  • bug on location and form size saving fixed
  • Drag 'n Drop for directories from file system into iPhone Explorer
  • Shortcuts in Storage and Explorer directory tree implemented
  • convert genre to byte in ID3v1 bug
  • fixed -> check if genre array index larger or smaller then byte min/max

15.08.2010 Version

  • error on adding Comment [COMM] as new ID3 tag in ID3Lib fixed;
  • not longer special handling on upload of PNG files, because upload errors with 8-bit PNG images;
  • creating and cutting of ringtones optimized
  • cutting of MP3 file with ID3v1 tags implemented
  • Error description on failure on cutting MP3 or M4A
  • new app tray icon
  • get trace level before start

29.07.2010 Version

  • list view column sorting changed
  • start looking for updates after first start added

27.07.2010 Version

  • handle for possible Exception on getting device system version data
  • set default time range in media cutter after select new song
  • added Device OS and type detection
  • show OS version on Status Bar
  • small changes for displaying of html mails
  • small fixes on ringtone creating
  • creating ringtones for iPhone 4 firmware
  • many Serializer changes for iPhone 4 firmware
  • many iPhoneLib changes for iPhone 4 firmware
  • added cutting of M4A, M4R and AAC files functions
  • added search for mail messages with Apple firmware 4
  • many changes for execution of mail messages
  • show warning on try showing messages on a non jailbreaked iPod/iPhone
  • support for getting M4A and AAC metadata via Quicktime added
  • deserialize lesser MediaData (properties) because iPod 4 support
  • new option menu item "open log file" added
  • Upload of cutted ringtones added
  • Windows Media Player support added

20.06.2010 Version

  • Text "Audio format cannot be played" instead of "not supported audio format"
  • in media player control added;
  • fixed set MP3 tags with mediadata object

20.06.2010 Version

  • changes for display SMS messages in different views
  • warn message for too large ringtones in RingtoneMaker control added
  • option menu entry to enable or disable IPELauncher added
  • new SMS preview like iPhone implemented
  • SMS sorting corrected
  • fix for creating ringtones from M4A files
  • deserialize SMS object only if contact type a phone number