Clean install Office?

Shawnturner posted this 30 November 2017

Hello all,

For some reason it seems nearly impossible to find a simple answer on how to clean install Office. I had 2010 installed on my computer, and occasionally noticed some inconsistencies in the way it worked - lockups, Normal.dotm overwriting itself, address book not working with Exchange, inability to share calendars etc.

I asked the IT team about a clean install, and they sent me to install Office 2013 which they assured me 'removed all traces of 2010' from my computer.

Except it left all my settings in place, and now I find that the Office apps are crashing at least once a day. For the first time I can agree with molo and say that Outlook is total shit - except I do not have any other options to access my work email.

Google finds a lot of people asking this question, and no clear answers. I can wipe and reinstall windows, but cannot afford that sort of down-time on my work computer. Has anyone successfully clean installed Office from scratch with 2010 / 2013? Why is this seemingly simple question so difficult? Especially since I used to do this all the time over the phone as a tech, and there seemed to be tools specifically built for the purpose!

I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:

animated instructional videos

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admin posted this 03 December 2017

Try the Office CleanUP to reset your Office installation.


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