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yrenfrew posted this 20 September 2017

I have already installed iDevice Manager PRO and it has been activated.

1-But I have looked EVERYWHERE and can find NO DOWNLOAD LINK for iManager (apparently needed for some features of iDevice Manager Pro to work). Help!!! I need a direct LINK!

2-I previously used iPhone Explorer (which I think is the name by which you were previously known), and as I recall that app listed Every Single Call In and Out. Am I confused and that was really a different app? What app does that listing of all calls if you know?

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admin posted this 20 September 2017


Your 1st question! The iManager App can you find in the Apple AppStore on your iPhone/iPad.

2nd question! It's correct, the iDevice Manager was formerly called iPhone Explorer. But the application had never displayed phone calls. The app name iPhone Explorer was used from us and from another company. Maybe you used their program.

Kind regards Toni

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