How do I backup messages?

Zxen posted this 31 July 2020

How do I backup my messages from my iphone to my PC? The instructions are completely wrong. The program doesn't look like the video at all.

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admin posted this 04 August 2020

Hi Zxen,

I don't know which video you watched, but I think you watch one from iDevice Manager 8.x and not from current version 10. The version 10 doesn't support message backup. More about version 8 and download .

Best Tino

Chap52 posted this 26 August 2020

The version 8 download link speaks of restrictions of the free version. - What are those restrictions ? - Are they removed when I buy a version 10 license (yet still use version 8) ? - Does message back-up include emails ? - will version 8 support also old iPhones, such as 4s running iOS 9.3 ? Tnx, Chap

admin posted this 27 August 2020

Hi Chap

the restrictions are usage limitations. If you buy a iDevice Manager Pro Edition license can you use it with version 8 and 10 parallel if you want.

IDM version 8 supports iOS 9 and later, but you should test it before with the free edition, because iOS 9 is very old. IDM 10 is not tested with devices less than iOS 11.

The backup is the same like iTunes creates. It includes also emails. If you use an IMAP email account, then are all emails on the providers server and not on the device.

Best Toni

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