How to read/edit contacts in the address book on iPhone 8

nglaser posted this 05 March 2021

I have been using the previous version of iDevice Manager Pro on Windows 7 and it worked perfectly well with my old iPhone 6s. In the meantime I have moved to Windows 10 and iDevice Manager Pro and want to read the contacts in the address book on my iPhone 8. I become desperate. Where has gone the function to read the contacts on the iPhone ? Moreover, how can I edit them ?

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admin posted this 05 March 2021

Dear nglaser,

I'm sorry to tell you, the functionallity to edit contacts is no longer available in iDevice Manager 10.x. This feature was not easy to manage, because that we decided to not port this feature from version 8.x to 10.x.

Alternatively can you transfer contact files (*.vcd file extension) - eg. can be created with Outlook, Google Mail, Mac Addressbook - with Transfer function in IDM 10.

A second alternative is the using of iDevice Manager 8.x. The license key for Pro-Edition can be used in both versions. Download:

Best Toni

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