idevice manager keeps disconnecting everytime

Akijames1234 posted this 05 January 2020

Please help me , i am using iphone 8 and recently i have purchased the idevice manager pro. But i am unable to use this software as if gets disconnected everytime i use to work anything into it . Please help .

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admin posted this 07 January 2020


  1. Close iTunes
  2. Close iDevice Manager
  3. Unplug iPhone USB cable from computer
  4. Open on your Windows computer the services. see German screenshot (Dienste means Services)
  5. List item
  6. Stop the service Apple Mobile Device Support
  7. List item
  8. Do open the Windows Explorer an navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Apple directory and rename the sub folder Lockdown into Lockdown_old.
  9. Start the service Apple Mobile Device Support again.
  10. Connect now the iPhone USB cable again with your computer and wait until the iPhone driver is installed. This takes up to 30 seconds. Follow the notes on your iPhone. a. A new folder Lockdown will be created.
  11. Start iTunes if installed and follow the instructions. Otherwise start the iDevice Manager and follow also the instructions. a. A connection should be made

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