iDevice not reading Notes, Contacts, Messages or Backups on iPhone XS

graemesmith posted this 23 October 2018

iDevice Pro cannot see any Contacts, Calendars, SMS/WhatsApp/iMessages or Read/Write backups on iPhone XS. When I try any of these it always starts by 'Creating Backup' then fails with 'Could not connect to Device database. Please create a new device backup etc....'.

I have tried all the steps in the Connection iPhone Xs with iDevice Manager does not work thread. That did not help. I have made totally fresh backups (unencrypted) with iTunes which did not help. iDevice Manager can see all backups from my other devices but does not show any backups from iPhone XS.

I have now renamed the iTunes Backup folder and made a new empty one and tried to create a backup from iDevice Manager. It sticks at 'Prepare System and read data from device' and will not do anything. If I make a backup from iTunes at least iDevice Manager will start talking to the iPhone again but still cannot read backups or see any Contacts etc.

iManager connects fine with iDevice Manager each time. Running iOS 12.01, iTunes, iDevice Manager and Windows 10 (updated today).

My iPad mini 4 and my iPad Air 2, both on iOS 12.01 work perfectly. It is only the iPhone XS which has problems.

Any ideas?


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graemesmith posted this 24 October 2018

After total lack of response hear is what I've done since:

Totally cleaned PC of every scrap of Apple software including AppData folder. Reinstalled everything but iTunes now only easily available from Windows Store. That one does not work at all. The backup locations have moved from the traditional installation and uninstalling iDevice and re-installing does not help. No devices seen by iDevice despite iTunes working fine. iDevice complaining about NET framework. Sorted that. No change.

Cleaned PC again. Found traditional install of iTunes and also found moved backups of other devices. Put everything back in the folders that iDevice expects, apart from iPhone XS backup which I let iTunes make a complete new one again.

As before, iDevice cannot see the XS device backup but is happy with iPad's and old phones. It talks happily to them but can only do very basic things with the XS.

Does anyone actually have a working installation with an iPhone XS? I feel I have totally wasted my money on this software. Is there any way to contact some form of support apart from this user forum?

admin posted this 24 October 2018


We heard from other users about this problems and we analyzed it. The result wasn't a problem in IDM. We find out, the note database wasn't available in the iPhone backup on the local Computer. There are 2 possible reasons for that.

  1. iCloud is used for backup the device
  2. Backup is broken

The iDevice Manager has no access to the notes backup in the iCloud. To work with it, the IDM needs a backup on your Computer. Direct access to the notes and many other services on iPhone and iPad is impossible.

I recommend to renew the iPhone XS backup with iTunes. Before you start the backup, delete or rename the current backup on your disk. The backup are stored in C:\Users\[Your name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. There are folder named like 10fad63b38e59cd0e6f98657cf8832a63cc1eefc. Each folder is for a phone or tablet.

Kind regards


graemesmith posted this 25 October 2018

I've tried that many times. Even after a total wipe of all things Apple it just won't access Contacts or Notes. My Notes are in the Cloud but my Contacts are not. I'll play around with iCloud settings later and see what happens. By the way, all my devices use the same backup routine and location. iDevice Manager cannot see a backup created for my XS even if I get it to try and make the backup. It works fine for all other devices.

graemesmith posted this 25 October 2018

Ok. Turned off all iCloud activity on my iPhone XS. No change. When I connect the device it says 'preparing system..' and eventually says Device Connected. iManager connects as well. I can then browse Videos, Photos, Music and Ringtones. I can also Use the Storage tab and File Explorer. No Backups of XS appear. When I click on Calendar, Notes or Contacts it says 'Creating Backup, please wait' then fails with the Could not connect to the Device database error. All my other devices show Calendar, Contacts and Notes immediately I click on the associated tab. As said before, I have tried creating a new backup from iTunes and from within iDevice Manager. iTunes can create a backup both encrypted and unencrypted without issue. iDevice Manager cannot see those backups nor see the one it creates.

Not sure if relevant but the XS backups have a much shorter folder name and a slightly different format:

Older device backup folder name "86a6f9d9603d6c212766bb207b8438363a8a5a0b" iPhone XS backup folder name "00008020-000478C63638002E"


I renamed the XS backup folder to the same name as an older device (having moved all the older device file somewhere else). iDevice Manager now sees the iPhone XS backup so it appears to be a naming issue. Unfortunately when I start IDM it says the usual 'Preparing File System ...' but doesn't complete. When I check the Backup folders it has tried to create a full backup using the folder that iTunes had originally created with the problem name.

So, as you say there are no issues with IDM it must be iTunes at fault!

What else can I try as I can't go through the renaming process just to see the backup every time I use IDM and I still can't Contacts etc.

admin posted this 26 October 2018


Starting with iPhone XS has Apple the device identifier changed from 40 characters hex code to 25 long alphanumeric with minus. This change is not detected and implemented to iDevice Manager 8.4. Please download the update and try it.


graemesmith posted this 31 October 2018

Works really well now. Thanks!

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