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0 posted this 04 February 2022

I have an iPhone XR, 15.2.1 256 GB of which 92,14 are free - according to phone. The iPhone is connected via USB, on file explorer I can see the pix, as well as Idevice can list mi pix from phone.

The phone is connected to my home network Via WLAN. Bought IDevice Manager Pro for downloadung all the things on my phone.

Downloading works fine.


needed to Upload a few pix.

Then I am told, I have to download and install iManager App onto my iphone, so that the App can take a QR display ed. I am also informed, that th IP needs to be in my network 192.168 x.z

OK - Donwloaded and installed. Version 2.5. Aslo tells me - Only 6.87 GB Free space for app.

Up comes the iManager and wants to see the QR Code.

Only to be told, that the iManager was previousely used on

Which is definitely not within my IP Range - and the QR read in strongly disagrees with that and tells me IP MIssmatch.

Program has Settings, I reset it, rabooted tha iPhone ...

But nothing changes.

I paid and now one of the functions advertised DOES NOT WORK. (works without iTunes)

What do we do now ?!?

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admin posted this 05 February 2022

Dear Wolfgang,

it seems that you are using VPN software to tunnel any Internet connection over a secure connection. IP addresses like yours ( are not normally assigned by home routers. If you use a software like NordVPN or similar, your iPhone will be invisible in your private/home network and no communication between programs in your home network will be possible.

The only chance is to create an exception for the iManager App in the VPN App or disable the VPN App.

Best Toni

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