iPhone or iPad not connecting

Ehud0711 posted this 07 June 2021

The iDevice Manager Pro doesn't recognize my iPad even though it is recognized by the iTune or the PC. I had to remove all Apple applications in order to be able to install the QuickTime player so I can play all iPhone and iPad .MOV videos. After installing the QuickTime player I reinstalled the Apple application and since then, iDevice doesn't recognize either my iPhone or my iPad. Please advise

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admin posted this 08 June 2021


it sounds like you are using the old iDevice Manager 8. Can that be? https://www.software4u.info/older-software/idevice-manager

The current version 10 https://www.software4u.info/idevice-manager has no interactions with Quicktime and should work out of the box.

Why do you use Quicktime? Quicktime is deprecated and has security issues. Windows 10 and the latest iTunes versions can also play MOV videos without Quicktime.

Best Toni

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